FAN Huge Drop

Hi everybody,

There’s a huge drop since end of december in Facebook Audience Network. My eCPM is less than half it used to be (not only december)… it is half compared to september 2016.
My traffic changed a little bit (+5% here, -10% there… volume is the same) but nothing that can explain such a big drop.
each day, i say to myself, ok, it will grow again tomorrow… hum… more than 15 days with so low ecpm, i’m starting to be concerned.
Do you share my experience with FAN or other ads network?
What’s going on?

Best regards

Hello, you are not alone… FAN had huge drops for me also, more specifically FAN always performed even 3 times better than admob but since november it began to drop heavily and now it’s even worse than admob. I don’t know what’s happening, my traffic volume is also the same as in that period and geo’s have changed like yours, +10% here, -5% there.
I will consider some other ad networks, if someone has recommendations let us know.

Best regards

Yes, same here for me. Big drop in FAN eCPM since middle of November. But not half… like from about 2.8$ to 2.1$

Big drop here also. On the most profitable app I went form 4.5-5$ ecpm before Christmas to 1.5$ now… terrible. But on some other apps it changed less going from 2.7$ to 2$. In average I have a 50% drop in comparison to before Christmas period. I heard sad stories from Admob too so it looks like we can’t do much on the purpose. Do not think of other networks guys because if the most technologically advanced and popular networks like Facebook and Google can’t do a shit then nobody will. The best choice of the moment is to put them together and if still they are not at the level that you want, you have to accept that this is the best that you can get.

Yes, AdMob eCPM also went down too after Christmas (while FAN for me was down since half November) about 25%