FAN has almost double ecpm than AdMob nowadays

Hi, I have used from a long time ago FAN as a back network for AdMob. But, from time to now and tracking impressions with Google Analytics, my ecpm with FAN, both in banners and interstitials, is twice AdMob do. Although fillrate is lower, I think I am going to put first FAN.

Have you experienced similar?

That’s true for a long time for me.
But lately FAN is banning all my Interstitial Placements… so **** them :smiley:

FAN eCpm is always higher for me but their fill rate is less compared to admob…I suggest using both in mediation with eCpm caps

Who cares about eCpm? Fill rate will cut your earnings and it’s what you get on the end of the month that matters!

Of course if you are using an unique network the ecpm does not matter. But if you are using a “simple” own mediation, with 2 networks, the ecpm it es the most important thing i.e. first interstitial FAN if available. If not, try AdMob (both previously cached)