Fake ratings - case study

I was checking alternative app markets and how much downloads the apps have there, and I found a game:
Nothing too fancy, when I checked the video I saw its a nice Flappy Birds clone with 10-50k DL. What got my attention is the rating: 4.9. Then I checked the number of votes: 5 545 (so the game is rated by 11% - 56% of users who downloaded the game). And ratings: 5*:5 322, 4*:65, 3*:50, 2*: 24, 1*: 84.

…seriously?? This is unreal, I call it fake. I wonder whats gonna happen with it. Ban or tens of millions of downloads in few months from now?
Also, it has 821 G+.

yeah fake ratings, only like 30 reviews out of all the ratings.

This game released in February 2014. According to Appbrain moving average gone down from a 4,9 rating to a 3,1 rating from new users.
No one is going to ban this, neither it is going to get millions of downloads. A good rating doesn’t increase your downloads much. Users don’t care much about the rating. It’s also no problem to get one million downloads with a rating slightly above 3.0 if you have a good visibility in the store.