Facebook Audience Network Violation Problem!

Has anyone recently faced this problem from Facebook Audience Network stating “We’ve restricted this app for violating the Facebook Platform Policies. Read more or appeal”.

They have actually restricted 2 of my highest earning apps (100$/day) on their platform. I follow all of their policy rules, may be that’s an error or something and i have appealed them regarding it.

I just wanted to confirm if any of you guys have received something like this?

It happened to me too, the first App was restricted on 9 September and another App on 12 September. I appealed the same day but still didn’t get any reply from FAN.

Were they earning high? Did they tell you any reason behind it? As i didn’t receive any email from them though. I was just checking my yesterday’s revenue and found this “Restricted” thing on the top of my app’s page and they told me that they had mailed me but they hadn’t.

Didn’t receive any emails too. Apps were making about 60 and 20 per day.

Do you think the decision is made in error in your case?

I hope so and I noticed other 2 people posting about this issues on FAN community forum (unless one of them is you)… so maybe it’s some issue on FAN side…
On the other hand many days have passed already in my case and still no reply.

No i have not posted anywhere else. Yeah man. Loosing revenues and also finding an alternative is tough.

PS: Can you send me the link to that community forum please.

What type of app you talk about ? You can tell us the link?

It’s your app completely legal?

Yes, man. Have been monetizing the same app since a year. I am pretty sure its a bug.

and they didn’t say the reason? their support usually answers quickly :\

No reason from their side nor do they reply to the tickets. This is really disappointing.

Anyone else got this problem here?

There are more people affected, no reply and what is even worst facebook have not included the money of the banned apps in the latest payout.

It’s time to look for new ad networks

Are you directly affected too?
Honestly I don’t understand why they not even reply…

No reasons given for banning. Support is dead. Payout cut offs. Facebook is sounding conspiratorial.

Hi to all.

I have the same problem. I used the FAN. I had absolutely legal app. Over half a year everything was normal. And they banned my app a week ago. And FAN have not included the money of the my banned app in the latest payout.

The support is dead. I wrote to him a lot of times. No answer. No money. They have not paid me a lot of money (>10k $).

What should I do? Forget about the money? They pay my money to me or not?

I am really disappointed.
I’m in shock.

what was the ctr of your apps?

what was the ctr of your apps?

5-6%. all time. it is normal ctr.

This is worrisome. Do you use call to action button or you have omitted it? Do you make simple crap apps like those electric screen touch or you have more serious apps?