Facebook Audience Network Issue

When i am trying to implement new requirements for facebook audience network i received a strange issue. A warning appeared on my app page. It says : Ads Only Visible to Admins and Developers. I am confused i tried my app with different devices nothing wrong but my facebook earnings did not increased past 3 hours. Anyone have this issue like me ?

Yes, same issues. The impressions are down but the ecpm and revenue is steady. I believe there are some issues with them at the moment.

Can someone else confirm this though?

Yes, I see the same thing

FAN keep banning my Interstitial Ad placements-_-

Never experienced that one before.

I can confirm same thing here.

They have banned one interstitial too because they say produces involuntary clicks O_o. These guys are making me angry… too much.


I can’t comment as to what the issue is, however if it is an issue with implementation, Enhance can help you out.
If you implement FB with Enhance, you will not have to even look at their SDK. With a few mouse click and a few minutes, Enhance can have whichever SDK you want implemented in your app.

Give it a shot : http://fgl.io/MMWA2

give it a time and check if its working or not…I have updated all of my apps with Facebook SDK and all are approved and up and running with 20% increased eCpm without a problem…

But do you have updated to the new requirements (placements and so) or just updated the SDK?

  1. Updated the SDK
  2. Created ad spaces
  3. Used only one android and iOS app bundle for one app