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Facebook audience network, Any one using it?

Anyone of you have experience of using Facebook audience network?

If yes may you share them?
Thank you

Banner is good, better than admob. Interstitial is not good, low view rate, so very low income from interstitial.

Thank you very much,
I will try with banner,
Is there any precaution we need to take on FB audience network ?

Don’t request ads too often. Check their FAQ to get more detail. BTW, I seldom see a formal ad when testing this ad network. The debug log keep saying ‘requesting ad too often’. But the stats of ad looks good after releasing the app.
The fill rate of banner is not as good as admob, so I put admob banner ad as backfill. It’s around 70%~80%. The fill rate of interstitial is far worse than admob, as well as the revenue.

Haven’t personally used them but had a client who did he was disappointed with the income but he didn’t use it for very long. I’ve been tempted to try audience myself actually.

Unfortunately I have interstitials and no banners.
But I am thinking of giving it a try,
I will keep you posted , If statstics are worth sharing.


Hi Guys,

We are using facebook audience networks and getting 10$ plus eCPMs on interstitial and $1.05 plus in banners.

Geo, impressions, CTR? That’s a very good stat.

India, 100k plus daily impressions with 3-4% CTR on interstitial and 1% on banners.

You have to register every app separately to use the network, or it is just for the first time?

That’s awesome and it’s great result. I have been using it for a while, but got poor eCPMs in interstitial and bad view rates(impression/filled). I have some questions:

  1. Do you use any ad mediation, like admob mediation or MoPub? Or just facebook audience network sdk alone?
  2. How do you show Facebook interstitial ad in your app, by time-interval? Or others? If it’s time interval, what’s the time for the interval? When I test facebook interstitial in time-interval like 2 minutes, it always says “request ad too often” and I can not see one facebook interstitial ad…

Thanks in advanced for your reply. And, here’s my stats of one app on interstitial, would you mind to share your stats?


Yes for each app

Hi, It become powerful in coming days so don’t hesitate to work in same…I never used it practically but have seen it and planning to use it…


We use FREE mediation called VMAX by Vserv with multiple networks. However, priority is facebook.

PFA screenshot for your reference.


You have to register every app that you create separately to use facebook audience network

The Audience Network shows people the right ads by extending Facebook’s targeting to third-party apps.

Thanks! How often do you show interstitial ads? I am afraid of that Facebook does not fill my ad request if I request too often, my interval to request interstitial ad is 2 minutes.

Hi, the good way to show an ad is to check the session time of an app and also check the activities inside the app. We show ads after every activity as in once user reads the whole content we show an ad. we don’t show at the start of the app. we allow user to experience the app. Also, if the session time of the app is for eg. 5 mins then it is recommended to show only 2 ads then ctr becomes healthy.

You should try, what is your app links?

Thanks for sharing those statistics. Are the eCPM and fill rate of interstitials still that bad?