F*** Admob, what would you recommend for full screen and banner ads?

Whoever is has been using Admob for the last year or two knows that the revenue has been shit for this year. My revenue is down 60% and I’m in dia need of a new ad network for full screen and banner ads.

Who reading this has already made the switch from admob to something different? what results have you seen after switching from them to another network and can you recommend me some networks that offer anything better than Admob has been offering lately for clicks and stuff.

Please share your number and experiences below, thanks. :slight_smile:

No other networks are better, if someone says they are, make them show you screens of actual numbers!

All networks use the Google adsense api so basically you can’t beat them at there own game.

I tried several networks, no luck.

This will most likely kill the market. Developers will stop advertising because they are not getting anything in return.
Making the pot even smaller, that’s less money we make.

I know a few of my buddies stopped already. And I did too.

I haven’t developed or promoted anything in months.

I have devs contacting me if I need anything done because they are not working.

Successful app business is dying. I just checked into to see if anybody made any progress. Looks like everything still on decline.

I went from almost $200 on a daily average to barely $35. :banghead:

Use mediation instead of single ad network…it will boost your revenue

Was your app business your main source of income? and what are you doing now that you’ve stopped it?

So does this mean app biz is not a good choice anymore?

Google has squeezed the market so much that it is not a good business choice any more. There was this Rick and Morty episode , wherein Satan/Devil gets
bought out by Google. I think it succinctly summarises what google has become.

For just this first week of June I’m already down $50 per day of what I was getting a week ago and it keeps dropping more and more everyday. I’ve been making apps full time for the past 5 years as my primary income and I finally think it’s time to go out and look for a job. This just isn’t paying what it once was. Not sure if it will come back up but I can’t sit around to find out. Bills/rent have to be paid.

I never depend on just one income. I always multi task. Even if it’s going to yard sales and selling for more online. But low sell high. :blush:
I still have my regular day job.

I’m sure some people are still doing very well. But the pie is shrinking. App will need lots of install and active users.
My installs are still climbing and my revenue is still dropping.

Right, I never quit my day job. Make sure you get ahead of it before it’s too late. Don’t wait until the last minute

I lost 20% of revenue after Mid May,2015.

Yeah in April I was averaging more than a $100 daily than what I’m pulling in now.

Yeah I’ve been looking but I’m sort of on the wrong coast for tech jobs it seems heh

I will take risk of quitting my regular job for 1 year.
will focus on android and will see if its oki to continiew without day job.

I would settle with almost anything. Some money better then no money. And I’ll just keep applying for what I really want in the mean time.

It seems they still allowing the ads on app launch for personalization apps like live wallpapers, etc. Just use appodeal and setup your admob mediation through them since 80% of ads they show are admob ads, All my apps has been approved with appodeal on applaunch which shows admob ads. Also my friend still uses admob in his live wallpapers and all still get approved and he makes like 5 apps a day atleast and publishes.

Go for niche markets and make some thing that can bring true value to the users, then you can charge for it instead of relying on ads. e.g. Dating service has been getting away with it by charging subscriptions.

Hi AlphaJack,

Have you considered AdBuddiz for your full-screen ads? We’re focused on premium interstitials with great visuals. We only display high paying ads, and our machine learning algorithms calculate the best converting ads for each app, so you don’t have to worry about optimizing the ad flow yourself. Also, you can still display our ads at the launch of your apps :slight_smile:

If you tell me a bit more about your apps (you can send me the app links and traffic volume via PM or email: [email protected]) I can give you an estimation of revenues.

I’ve just emailed you, looking forward for your response…