Extremely low admob banner ecpm for India traffic

I am seeing an extremely low banner ecpm for my android app generating a lot of traffic in India. Over 99% of the app traffic is from India.

I am thinking of adding some mediation to admob to improve the performance. Anyone has recent reports of mopub/facebook banner ads performance in India? Any other ad networks that are performing well in India?

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 10.34.26 AM.jpg

Not that much low expected from Indian Traffic. Sometimes Showing ads regressively increases clicks but it becomes wrong indicator(reputation) to publisher account. Try showing less ads. Your CTR is also less, CTR may also increase.

My ads refresh rate is 60 seconds. But i’ll try to go lower to see if it helps.

If you dont mind can you PM me your app link…

In march because of Financial closing there is increase in ad spend… This month ecpm in India is increased than JAN & FEB, both admob & FAN