EXPOSED! Adnetwork Widdit Income Report


I would like to share information about Widdit Income report.

I have many reports but I would not like to share at the moment.

Widdit offered me just like you a simple widget with unbelievable REVENUE!!! Well I integrated it in my game. After a 48 hour dashboard delay I checked it and I only made $6 from a 1,000 user base WOW! OMG UNBELIEVABLE REVENUE! Oh come on Widdit, WAKE UP! what kind of revenue is that!

I have really expressed my feeling of anger on Skype to HomeBase Widdit Account Manager and the creater Chen Kinnrot. His widget is ridiculous and I still don’t think it’s Google Compliance as it offers app offers outside of the (application) itself.

They only replied give it a few weeks and your revenue should jump up.
I waited 3 days later and from a 3,500 user base I’ve made $24? Are they for real? Promising developers especially me that from my 50k user base I would be making $350 a day estimation. I didn’t even reach $50!

I’m officially removing Widdit SDK and also will never look back at it even if they offer $5000 a month as it is too risky to use! BE WARNED
Moving to the new Admob as it has offered me so far: $16 RPM the minimum I’ve got was $4RPM.

So total Revenue 6 days LOL: $24

calm down. its everyone’s personal choice. Many ad networks won’t always work out for every developer.

I think you really need to calm down a bit.

Besides, your argument is totally flawed from the information you’ve provided.
You state that your 50k user base would give about $350 a day as an estimation.
You then state that you had a 3.5k user base after 3 days and made $24. 24/3.5k = 0.00686 If you multiple 0.00686 by 50k = $343.
So in this way, if you had grown your user base with widdit up to the 50k mark you would theoretically be very close to their estimation.

I don’t understand why you claim you have a 50k user base if you only have 3.5k user base after 3 days of waiting…
Please clear that up?

I have a 50k user base on Android console.
Out of 50k, Only 3.5k user base have used Widdit.

I’m not angry to calm down but I’m stating the obvious.

Your calculation was right $343 this is what I got offered by Widdit staff before integrating Widdit. After waiting for their Unity package. I integrated it and then waited for the dashboard to load.

Only $6 for a 1k users who have enabled Widdit.

1k users * 50 = 50k users
$6 per day * 50 = $350 per day

Your expected earnings per 1k user and also total 50k users is fine.
Now if you are saying that widdit is reporting less number of active users then it is a known issue.

No I have verified all information and they said this is the actual revenue I have earned.

So i cant really do anything now except move to a new ad network.

Anyway all good.

You already had 50k active users before adding Widdit? Not all your users will update your app. Some of them(or maybe many) will forget about your app even if they have it installed. Having 50k install or even 50k of Current Installs is different from having 50k Daily Active users.

Just my 2 cents.

Well, I have to agree with wahidc’s approach.

wahidc don’t seem to have said anything untrue, didnt disrespect anyone (or any company), and provided valuable information to the forum.

I say good job, keep the honest reviews coming, then it’s the reader job to judge to add the network after reading. If an ad network comes with a bold argument (like in this case “unbelievable revenue”), it better be true, or it’s mask will fall fast if people do like he did.

Not long ago another network claimed to have an average of $10 eCPM, then when 10 different people posted here on the forum their eCPM on the network, and none even reached $10 eCPM, it was clear that they were with bullsh*t. That’s our role here on this forum: test new monetization strategies (including different ad networks) and provide honest information to help fellow developers.

which ad types are widdit offering? push ads?

Thanks Rottz that’s exactly what I was trying to do.
Inform users this is what I got told and this the outcome of what I got.

And Calculator the ad typs they have is to create a lock screen widget on the users phone after accepting dialogue.
I still think its against Google’s policy. Only if this widget has something got to do with your app like a Timer app with a stopwatch widget but the apps and the widget is totally unrelated and also it creates app offers on the lock screen.
It feels like the app icon ad that gets created on the user home screen.

were you implemented widdit into your existing app? or it’s a total new app? because the rate is way too low. it’s like only less than 10% of the users clicked the accept button.

It’s on my existing app.

I have updated my app 2 days before integrated widdit, I got 12k updates. But as soon as I added 16 more permissions for Widdit and updated to Google I only got around 800 users updating.

This is why I think Widdit not only kills your revenue but keeps your users away from your app .

It needed sixteen more permissions ? :eek:

Yep, because the amount of access required for a lock screen is very extensive. :confused:

Actually each of these permission is valid and required, I went through them personally and found that I would also need these permissions if I had to implement similar lock screen.

I don’t think anyone’s suggesting they aren’t necessary, its just a hell of a lot of permissions to require from your users. Naturally there will be users who question the need for the permissions, especially if your app itself doesn’t require them.

Actually I only put in the needed permissions (4 or so) regarding boot and lock screen takeover. The sms permissions, contact permisssions I didn’t add.
Guess what, it works and my revenue is growing steadily. Hoping to reach 10k daily actives soon. Now growing with 500 actives a day.

Regarding the poster with 50k active users.
You can’t expect 50k active users at day one.
No patience is no money.
Not everybody updates and sure not when u put in 16 extra permissions :slight_smile:

@lordraider, can you paste your permissions here?

That is right! You cant avoid the permissions…

Not adding access to open sms etc and user does try to open the sms he will get the “Force close” on the widget and god knows how his phone will react, making your app look stupid.

Widdit did offer remove all permissions and to create a popup in my app and link the app to the play store so users can download the app there . But my app is no good with CPI method. So from a 50k user base I might only get 6 installs a day that calculates to 60c :slight_smile:

Hello guys,
you may contact me via the next address: [email protected] or Skype: idan-widdit
I’ll answer all of your quastion.
Regarding the permissiones - very few are really mandatory, I’ll send you a list by mail just contact.
We are the most profitable SDK existing today, we are paying a lot more than any other company (it is a fact!!!) and we pay for all users from all countries the same (only US gets more).
I suggest you contact me praivetly and I’ll explane evreything.
Thank you very much!