Expense Report: WordSearch Hero

Anyone else feel the same way ? I want opinions people!

I don’t like those screenshots too much either… maybe it’s the “reddish” color of everything :confused:

4 days and 1000+ installs. Impressive. again I have to mention that you have done excellent job with the description text. Bad thing is that this game can’t be translated so u got to target english speaking users only.
ya as Dididak said, too much red in icon, video and screenshots

One thing I’ve noticed in the screenshots: it should be “full result at THE end” not “full result at end” I think.
I am not sure if the reddish color is a bad thing, it makes your app stand out.

I’d say it’s a very mild red, not agressive and is preatty good actually.

I don’t think screenshots are bad. It’s pretty esthetic.
@mind - recently i’ve managed to get 90 installs per day in germany (i only targeted one country) at 0.60$ CPI in appbrain. What’s more important was that recention was very good. Maybe you could try campaign in USA and England.

after typing wordsearch your game was at 24 place in Poland. Icon is really proffesional, i like it. Graphics style is well composed.

Now, IMHO after finishing the tutorial, “You completed the tutorial” message should be last hint showed in this activity. Message about XP should be placed below list of items earned items. Message about selecting portrait should be placed in next activity.

I think i found a bug. I can’t control sound volume with hardware keys.

Another thing - i have closed the game after finishing tutorial but before creating character. After re-opening the game, tutorial showed again. Is this intented?

And last one - are you sure your users need 24 checkboxes to enable/disable sounds in game? Just give them one “On/Off” button (or add it at top of the list). KISS!

Good luck!

//Forgive me my english, it’s not my primary language

Can I make a few comments/suggestions about the game, and a feature request? I know that’s not what this thread is about, but I think these things will improve your game.

  1. When you enter a new game, the time starts counting down immediately but you have to wait a few seconds for the game board to appear. That’s kind of annoying, but a minor point.
  2. When you’re on a roll and the flames appear, they make it a little bit difficult to see the letters on the edge of the board.

Feature request: It would be awesome if you would add a magnifier that pops up above your finger when you’re swiping. As it is now, your finger covers the letters you’re trying to swipe over so it’s hard to select the right letters. Combine that with the fact that you have a limited amount of time, and it gets very frustrating.

@mind How are downloads? Could you give us some report how it’s going?

How are you getting so positive reviews? 4.4 seems really high today. Are and when are you showing the dialog to ask for review? (if it’s not too much bother)

In my experience - when i’m releasing new game, i’ve got good reviews - probably because of two things:

  1. First players come from my another games, they like another my games, so they give good review.
  2. Game is too fresh to be shown in that dialog in google play which encourages players to rate game.

After game gets organic downloads, average rate goes down :confused: More 1’s appear.

So i’m afraid that Word Search Hero rates also will go down after it will become popular.

how is going with the downloads and the income?

When are you starting with the 30k Fb campaing? Its been a slow beginning, but i think the game will grow momentum and take off ;-). Good luck!

Around 8k total downloads. Much slower than I expected. I tried to buy advertising with FB, but they seem to be unable to supply more than 200 ppl/day who like word games. At least I signed up with their FBstart program and got $2500 in advertising credits :slight_smile: Even though the app is the #2 spot in “New games” in the Word games category, it is only getting 600 installs/day … of which 200 are from FB.

I am targeting WH users. They already love my games. Also, I put a picture of myself there and personally asked the user to rate the game 5 star. The rating is going down though.

Dis not allowed and you can get banned… I think so…

Nope… it is perfectly legit. You cannot provide incentive to players to rate the game though. eg: no “rate my game 5 stars to get 100 gold” … that sort of thing will get you banned!

So your game is reaching new users.

As for #2 spot in “New games” i guess it’s matter of Word category. Probably if your game would be #2 in puzzle category, you could hope for more downloads.

Have you tried Appbrain? Maybe you should? At least for one day, throw some bucks and see how it goes. You don’t need to integrate SDK in your game. You can start appbrain campaign in 30 minutes, just add money to appbrain account and you can promote your game literally in 5 minutes (their campaigns start immediatelly). You probably could target USA, UK, Australia etc - all english speaking countries.

He can do that on Facebook already, the reason he does not have enough volume there is because he is being very specific in targeting (people who like Word Games).

mind, does it really worth it to be that specific? What if you target something like: woman , over 30, like videogames? Otherwise you would never spent your budget (at least at a reasonable cost/download)

I have done a small research which covers about 25 different income reports.

Approximate earnings per install:

  • minimum $0.000375
  • average $0.03305
  • maximum $0.17

How did that process go? Pretty easy? Any tips on that?

I’d also be interested in hearing about what sort of income you’re seeing so far if you’re willing to share. I understand if you’d rather not though.