Expected eCPM's achievable based on advert size

Velti ‘state of advertising’ - March 2012

Last page has a nice plot at the top.

Summary of:
320 x 50 : $0.33 eCPM

300 x 250 : $0.64 eCPM

‘fullscreen’ : $1.14 eCPM

Looks like the sweet spot for March was weather apps with fullscreen adverts… lol!

Veeeery interesting!! Thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile:

Very interesting report indeed. Lends some light on the overall advertising market at present.

I’d tend to question one of the sub-headings though - “Weather Apps Proved to be Most Lucrative for Publishers”. Certainly weather apps returned the highest eCPM. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they brought in the most profit. I suspect there were a lot more games, with a lot more users, hence bringing in a lot more money. The article seems to citing eCPM figures as if they’re directly comparable to revenue. All things being equal of course, you want higher eCPM. But it’s no good getting a ton of money per impression, if you’re not getting many impressions in the first place :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m just playing devil’s advocate there. It’s a good report, well worth reading. Thanks for the share, @mind!

Agreed Dave!

And then there’s the fact that when you look at numbers like this, we’re probably seeing the combined numbers for the whooooole spectrum of apps. Great apps, good apps and downright crappy apps.

There’s no reason why you can’t get a higher eCPM by using other networks, other ad types and other game design strategies to get people to click. Not to mention in-app purchases, which make up a really high percentage of many developers’ income!

So I love reading reports like these to get perspective and I find that fascinating, but I definitely don’t take them as truths set in stone :slight_smile:

Bingo… as most companies have figured out… in-app advertising is a shitty way to go. Rather give users the experience they want. No advertising… and a LOT of incentive to ‘pay for extras’. Micro-transactions are the way of the future!

Yeah, I think so to…

I’m still amazed that the advertising model has worked so well in apps, though. It’s like looking at what advertising used to be on the web some 10 years ago!

And I still think they’ll continue to have their place when used correctly. Like recommending similar games on startup or other minor screens. But as interruptions inside the games, or annoying notifications, I don’t think users are going to be happy with those for much longer. But this is all just being figured out, we’re very early still.

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