Exclude app from 1 country

Hi there,

I wanted to know if anyone here has excluded their apps from some country. Like, I get tons of 1 star’s from brazilian users, they are really lowering my app’s rating, and seeing how much I’ve gained in cash with Brazil in the last couple months, is really a low amount. So I wanted to know what happens when we exclude one country? I don’t care about the Brazil rankings, the amount in cash is really low. About downloads, they represent about 5% of daily downloads. But if my rating gets stable, I’ll probably have more downloads, and right now that’s impossible with brazilian users giving 1 stars everyday.

It really pisses me off how demanding people can be with FREE apps. They could say thanks, it’s a cool game, I liked it, thanks for the free download, instead they complain about the download time, that is too much time (like I am to blame for their poor quality internet connection?) and the app’s size is 4MB. I don’t have patience.

You can exclude any country you want from the developer console.

After removing a country, users from that country who already installed your app will still be able to post ratings. So you will only protect your app’s rating from new users.

Honestly, instead of getting mad. You can simple tell users to enter app settings and clear the cache on the play store. That will usually fix the issue in slow downloads from market. Your making a app for people. Your going to have to learn how to work with people or just license your apps for profit

For me its the Russian users that are the most negative. Not always, but for some of my apps I exclude Russia now.
Can’t say I’ve noticed any other notable cases though. You will never make everyone happy, but there is a limit in some cases.

Rating average should be segemented by country like everything else is in GP. Say you have an average of 2.0 from users from Russia, only people from Russia should see a 2.0 rating. They segement everything else by country, I wonder why they don’t do this for rating?

We have most of the problems with French, and Korean users. Which is kinda funny cause we have a French translation, and they don’t seem to understand English. So when I tell them that: the app doesn’t contain virus it just has some sort of advertisement that advertises a virus buster, they seem to be deaf. We most likely won’t release (at least in the first month) in France with our next app. Some users seem to come back to just bash on our games, like they download just to be able to comment and give 1 star ratings. I would love to see, Google rate the users based on their ratings, so if someone only gives 1 star comments just don’t show their comment, or don’t calculate it into the average of an app’s rating. Cause now that it has linked commenting it to everyone’s Google+ page I can see what the user has rated before, and most of them seem to be true haters.

I’ve excluded Turkey, since they were the second worst country in giving my apps low ratings. Brazil really is the lowest, but I feel insecure excluding a 130 Million people country, right now they don’t represent much money, but maybe in a couple of years Android can get really big in Brazil (it already is). But honestly I’ve been thinking, why don’t we just exclude small and poor countries, that will never bring much money (since they are poor countries) if they are systematically giving low ratings? I have hope for Brazil, but if the low rating continues, I’ll have to exclude them too.

I had the same issue. My app is quite new, so a few bad ratings spoil a lot. Also Brazil is here the spoiler. Another thing is that youngsters, probably not even 14 years old, give bad ratings. I put my app on ‘medium adult content’ to filter them out. What are the experiences? I’m quite new in this business. I have the impression that bad ratings come from the ‘less developed’ countries, to use an euphemism. Who has an opinion about that?

I got most of 5 stars from Russian users. they really appreciate my app.

you must have noticed that app-version and device-name come against the user who rate your app.

I received most of 1 rating from users against whom no app-version is shown. it is shocking.

usually if user is giving 1 rating, i offer them my help immediately. but most of them do not show interest.

overall rating of my app is 3.8