EPIC-Some excellent advice for newer AD networks reps who want to engage developers

I have seen a lot of new AD network representatives over the last month. Some have already experienced developers who questioned them hard and are quick to call a scam. The most famous phrase you will hear is " mobario " . There has been a 10 to 1 ratio of robbers and legit networks. The 1 represents the legit networks, so developers are pretty cautious here. So here is some advice

  1. Do not come in with a post count of 20-30 post and say you have thousands of developers signed up. No developer will take you serious and will begin to question everything you say after boasting those claims. Be humble and tell them you have a few signed up and would like to share their experiences.

  2. Do not come in and announce " We are the best network " . If no one has heard of you , you sound like a liar and thief who want to swindle developers out of money. Using the phrase " We are the best network " is a sure way to make a developer laugh as he reads that. You have to prove your network is the best , let other developers who use your service say your the best.

  3. When making a thread provide all information , not PM me for details. When you say " PM me for more details" its like saying " let me see if I can sucker you without anyone knowing about it" . Information like what GEO’s you have, fill rates, inventory, eCPM range, payment thresholds, and how long before payment. Any less than that, you look like a lazy rep or a thief rep.

  4. Also do not announce " 100% fill rate and highest eCPM out of any network" unless you want to get destroyed on the forums. I am serious the developers here do not play around and will tear you apart before you even get started.

  5. STOP HYJACKING THREADS!!STOP!! Enough some threads are for developers to talk amongst themselves. If the thread says " airpush payment delay" we don’t need someone from Widdit or SPmaxADs jumping in saying we offer the best deals. It gets bone jarringly annoying and look desparate with a putrid smell of fishy fish. Some threads are made so developers hear from each other and the AD rep that they are calling out.

Ultimately we are a tight group here. Sure us developers get into fights sometimes, but its never personal and things are forgiven the next day. The developers here are a family and even if we fight a little, we have each others best interest at heart. Which is the reason David Webb made Making Money with Android !!

Do you think pixel that they will listen?
This forum is full of:
-poor networks reps (good reps don’t need to spam ) I see only spam “use us because we are the best”, fck
-selling code spammers and pirates (I asked for list, all these people have ripped apps from chupa, codecanyon or…me because in the past I sold some code pack and they are doing this without any punishment)
-some strange solution makers, generator makers
-marketing services sellers
-reflink spammers

David made this forum but it haven’t any moderators, why david? Haven’t time because working in google? Just tell us true.

Pixel, currently I haven’t time for this but now is time to make competition to making money with android forum with:
-good layout
-short domain
-with selling restrictrion started from 100 forum posts
-category with ad network descriptions should be closed to make new thread, if some network wants to advert, just should ask moderator to make new thread

I will not make it but I would be happy to use some competition :wink:

Those are great suggestions!!

Wow, Ramzi. Everytime I see a post from you it’s so full of hatred against anything imaginable. I wonder why you are still visiting this forums.

What Pixel said is quite honorable, but I have to agree that this forum needs some moderation, because none of those spammers are going to care, as long as they can find some naive enough developers this way.

Yes this week Widdit was spamming so hard it was not funny. I am surprised they didnt show up here. But as this forums goes I love this place and met some cool developers that gave me strategies on how to make money. All you got to do is read threads in the marketing section and after a while you will learn enough to make at least pay this electric bill money

Hi Pixel,

If we were spamming - I apologize.

You are right, there isn’t a need to show up in all the threads at once and if we were out of line - please accept my sincerest apologies on behalf of ourselves and other reps on the forum.



Thanks for your advice,we just want to make friends with developers and earn more together,not enemies.

Developers need times and experiences to be mature,the same as ad networks,please trust us.

Yes I know your just doing your job as well as others. But if the thread says " guys whats hot right now" that’s a clear signal to other developers to chime in and not other AD networks.

Widdit is awesome, made money everyday for past week ranging from 1 cent daily to 3 cents daily on 1800 impressions for the week on some new apps so 4.5 cent ecpm rate :slight_smile:

Thats the lowest eCPM rate I ever heard of in my life.

hehe Go widdit go! ehehe

Well Pixel, it’s also dependent on the geos you have.

As I said earlier on, we are not there to replace any ad network you currently use - that’s not our intention anyway.
It’s an extra revenue channel, that’s all :slight_smile:



Giving this a bump because of spam attack in forums.

Just giving this a bump thinking about the good old days when this forum was not under spam attacking.