Eomobi.com we help developers monetizing your apps

Hi,My name is Anemone Tang from eomobi, a ad network company located in china.
Our ad network for apps are no.1 in domestic, and hope to do this business overseas as well.
The reason I’m reaching out to you is we have a lot of demand from our advertisers to
advertise on your android apps. Here’s why developers are partnering with us:

  1. We can help you monetize mobile apps.
  2. We count revenue according to new installs.
  3. The revenue reaches 30 dollar per 1000 new installs.
    Please let me know if you are interested and I can assist you in setting up your account.
    kindly contact me at skype:sinonsh11.
    e-mail:[email protected].

Your ads are not google compliance. I tried a month ago.