Enabling users to hide ads

I’ve put ads in my app 4 days ago and am getting good results for an app with only 15k downloads and 6k active installs:

I’d like to enable users to disable ads by watching a video or installing an app (or any other high yielding monetization per user) thus make money even if they won’t see ads anymore. I read you can get 1$ per install so that would cover the profit from banners.

I need a good API; something like Tapjoy where you can easily check whether the user has “earned” the content (in my case hide ads). Do you have any suggestions about which adnetwork to choose and which method?

Why don’t you implement it yourself?

Takes 5 minutes

it depends on the Ad Network’s API. Some only have OnAdFinished handler which is called also in the case when user doesn’t view full video and closes the ad (and I don’t get paid).