Emergency Alert

Emergency alert app is a utility app which can be used for sending message to other peoples in case of emergency. This app is useful for students, women and senior citizens & will send alert messages without internet. However it can also be used as a general purpose alerting app.
Emergency alert app lets you send a predefined message to the predefined recipients by clicking on a button, whenever you feel insecure and need help from your friends & family or there are some emergency situations which you want to share with your friends & family.

Once you send alert, emergency alert app will send SMS to the predefined recipients with your location (if enabled in Settings) and then they can view your location on google map and provide you the assistance by reaching there or raise alarms with the appropriate security agencies.

Recipients can be selected from contact list in settings menu. It is recommended that you must select more than one recipients.

Location accuracy will be few meters, if GPS is not available on the device.

If you have any queries/suggestions, please message me. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Note: Please note that emergency alert app can work without internet and send alert messages. Without GPS, location accuracy will be few meters. It will use your mobile to send SMS alerts; hence you will be charged for SMS by your service provider as per your bill plan.