EMC Touch - Bed time stories without barriers

Hi all. This app allows you to read books with your kids from anywhere, doing what you would expect by both parties seeing the same page, sharing books and also a lot more interaction like seeing where each other is actually touching the page.

It’s only available in BETA release right now until the end of 2013 so if you want to try it join the Google group hereand then download from here.

There is also a Kickstartercampaign going right now to try and generate funding to do a lot more development and other work. Some of the blurb fro this is as follows.

“With EMC Touch families can read stories together, colour in pictures, help with homework or play simple card and boards games, wherever they may be. These are only a few of the planned applications.”

More links are a Youtubepreview and the initial basic website.

Some screen shots

Shared touch display

Book Management 1 and 2