[EDUCATIONAL] Puzzle game for young children

[b]Count 'n write with me[/b] is (I think so anyway) a clever little game that asks your child a counting or spelling question and then reads her handwritten answer.

It differentiates itself from the other counting and spelling games in this field because of the handwriting recognition feature.

Obviously users don’t recognise (or care) that this requires quite a clever bit of coding and this is reflected in the poor download rates the app is getting. BTW, and friend and I contribute to the same Play developer account and he hasn’t changed the store-front name away from his own name yet, so don’t be confused by that.

I know the app has some merit, since it recently won the best Educational App in the Tactrick Android Developer’s cup – so now I’m trying to focus on sorting out whatever roadblocks are preventing me from getting decent daily installs.