ECPM Problem: ECPM Dropped across all ad networks

Yesterday my ECPM dropped across BOTH of my ad networks at the same time. Now it’s staying like that. What’s going on?



Don’t know the reason but my admob earnings dropped by 20% from last 4 days…But surprisingly one of my small app with 10-20 downloads getting 1000 downloads a day almost all US downloads and my mobileCore eCpm is 3-4$…my revenue boosted by 30$ a day…feeling awesome :slight_smile:

Yeah I use admob as well and earnings have consistently been sinking the past week.

Yep, same here :frowning:

my ad network eCPMs are great, other networks I run (from being a developer in the past) are great also.

My mobileCoreand Appodealearnings are going well… You can increase your admob if you use it via appodealintegration… They display high paying ads for you

Ecpm by the appodeal is in the bottom of all time on 4th July. It is 30% of the avarage. Do you guys have the aome problem.