eCPM of Startapp this week very good

Suddenly, eCPM of startapp is very good in this week. It rounds about 2$, special yesterday i had about 4$ eCPM.
I just want to say “Thank you” to Startapp, hope your bussiness is better in new year and we will belong with you with longterm relationship. :smiley:
Below is mine, how about you?

You have their search box integrated too or the above is from banners/interstitials?

Oh, just banner and interstitials, my friend. I’ve ever been banned by search box sdk startapp, so i will never intergrate search box

Why did you banned?

I dont know exactly, but i guess that it cause by searchbox sdk or post call sdk of startapp

Yesterday, startapp continue race and very good result with me. Now i think that Startapp is the best adnetwork for December 2013. See my revenue yesterday, friends in the below image.
“Thank you so much, STARTAPP! I love you!”
And you? How about your revenue?

getting eCPM between $2 - $2.5 with admob. much less than yours :frowning:

How about this:


Doesn’t make any sense right.

no search box? but in the picture you have there is a revenue for downloads, then where does it get from?
if it is only banner and interstitial - then there shouldn’t be any revenue from downloads, isn’t it?

and I wanted to ask, no problem with offer wall after “home” button? it seems to be outside the app, can the ban the app because of this?

Great ecpm for today and the next few days with low ecpm, this siclus always happen with me with starpapp

men, that’s a app with download sdk intergrate. Not just impression and banner

This is the log of yesterday, 28th December, you can see my revenue doesn’t come from download.ecpmpng.jpg

Startapp is such a joke…

(Check the third app)

Creating an opinion about an ad network after showing 400 impressions is totally wrong…wait at least when you reach 20k+ impressions to have an more or less objective opinion.

Thats my daily impressions. I´m having more than 20k in total.

And what’s the monthly eCPM so far? I’m using AdMob banners+interstitials and from 3+ millions of impressions I’m getting $0.7-1 so your daily eCPM doesn’t look so bad))

Really? That comes to me as a surprise. I get admob eCPMs of 3 to 6USD actually, with about 30 000 impressions a day. Funny thing is, even over the distance my eCPM for that specific app (with 0,00 ecpm) is 0,00! I´ll give these guys a bit more time, but I´m losing money everyday compared to what I would earn with admob. The price you have to pay for spreading the risk, I guess.

Woa! you are rich man!
This is eCPM of Startapp in the last 30days recently

Do you keep track of ad requests sent to Startapp as well? These stats look weird and some too good to be true.

Looks like startapp is reducing the number of impressions to show a very high eCPM to developers.

Well someone gets big eCPM with startapp, someone with admob…maybe it’s about luck and app type(if the geos are pretty much the same).

Can we use mediation with admob+startapp+mobilecore ? If yes then via what service/website can we set up the mediation? Thx