Easy mediation platform implementation

Hi guys,

Lately I am trying to fiddle with Eclipse on simple basic things to get an idea on how things work.
I am using a base source code which I enhance with various ads sdks following tutorials and documentation.

So far I have learned how to properly monetize with quite a few ads networks, but what I really want is to use mediation. That’s when my problems started though, because in all I tried I ran into problems.

Mopub: I cannot even setup an ad unit in their dashboard properly. The documentation is so frustrating that I quit trying them early on.

Heyzap: Many of you swear on really good results from heyzap so I thought of checking by mediating facebook and admob banners as a start.
My problems here were that my code got many, really many code references to admob and I get so many errors when I add the call for interstitial, probably due to conflicts.

But the main problem I got is that I do not want to use admob mediation (can’t trust the big G, what if the ads IDs get banned) and that the other platforms I checked do not have all or some of the ads networks I am interested on. Those are appnext, mobilecore, admob banners, fan banners, airpush.

Could you advise on platforms that would be a little more noob-friendly and maybe mention other mediation platforms that I have not used yet?

PS: If I do not mediate, but simply randomize banners and interstitials between 2 or 3 ad networks (just share impressions between them). How is that achieved code-wise? Would you please guide me to some online tutorial or explain how it is done in a simple way?