Making Money with Android

Earnings via tutorial websites

Not sure if this is right place to post this. want to share and listen your experiences.

I am about to start a website with C/C++ tutorials. might add some android stuff as well.
Reason behind all this is simple. no charity, want to earn something from ad-word ads.

Tutorials are not very unique. but it is something which is required for newcomers with less effort.
kind of code sample, description and full project download as well.

Point is:

  1. Have anyone of you tried this?
  2. How much time i need to have to maintain it?
  3. Where i should host it?
  4. Last but not least. Is it worth to spend time and money on it? How much i can make per month via ads display?

it’s gonna be hard to make serious money from such website. Developers are small target group and they don’t click ads so much I think. If you make website good enough to see your links in stackoverflow i.e. it probably will pay off. You should think about tutorials. Where will you get those?

You will have a low conversion rate, but when traffic is high enough - why not - depends on what you’re expecting to earn.

Always remember, that a website with high traffic can be worth much more than just adwords … such sites will need some time to grow, so do not expect income from the first days :slight_smile:

if you can make something like mkyong(dot)com then you can become millionaire with your website

Yes, i have seen mkyong DOT com. he focussed mostly on android tutorials. in fact i too downloaded few samples for learning in my initial days. but i do not think that i clicked any ads in his site.
his site is filled with ads and lots of good tutorial. he must be making good out of that.

Thanks. i am not expecting revenue very soon. $10-15 after 6 months is also oki for me provided it does not need much attention and maintainance time.

if you keep posting those 6 months so you built up a good amount of posts, your goal should be possible. It may fade over time just because the nature of your posts - but remember, if there is lots of good content you can always use this site to drive traffic elsewhere or use it as a backlink source - so it’s def. not wasted time to put effort into it :slight_smile:

I’m very gratefull for the fact that there are so many tutorials on-line. Without them, I would never have been able to create apps. I feel obliged to all people who took the trouble to share their knowledge. I might do the same if I feel that I have gained some level of experience. So kudo’s for all tutorial creators!

woebsite ads also needs clicks to earn money or displaying ads to uaers itself makes money?

If the ad is interesting to your visitor, the visitor will click it :slight_smile: with google that’s not DIRECTLY correct, because adsense gives you ads depending on your surfing style. Sometimes you get an ad about a product you watched, but with discount or from another store for a better price… just examples