Earning Less on Google Play...

BIg old Google is not really cracked up to be what it really is.

Overall ECPM rate for mobilecore on my google play apps is around $1.56 but for outside markets I am getting around $3-5 eCPM rates and around $7-8 for apps published to Samsung.

I also get more traffic on these same apps outside of google play. Unless you got millions to blow on advertising then google play is a sinking ship for indie developers.

We are facing the same issues. Revenues are like 1/4 of the earnings from 1 year ago, even with the same amount of users. ECPM decreased in any mobile network. We’ve tried a lot of other frameworks, but the results are always the same.
Which outside markets are you talking of exactly?

There is just no room for garbage apps on GooglePlay anymore.

You guys just got squeezed out by better apps. My revenues are better than ever from Google Play, and amazon and samsung stores are filled with spam garbage.

I guess the days of putting affiliate links into web view and calling it an “app” are over, aren’t they?

You completely miss the point here. We’ve published an app with 500k downloads that also got a google feature. Still, it’s a fact that our ecpm decreased from $12 to $4 over the last year for interstitials and we don’t find any network to revive those numbers. ECPM for rewarded ads decreased from $30 to $7,5 for us.

I dont make garbage apps I make good apps that people use, I dont do webview apps. I mostly do live wallpapers and some games every now and then made using clickteam fusion 2.5

could you share what app stores are providing you with what results compared to google play? i and alot of other developers would be interested to know.

I agree, that revenue in google play has decreased. But I had no success with other app stores, I tried 3-4 and was having 5-10 downloads a day in the best case

We also faced another problem with them. Even if people downloaded the game, at the end they never even installed the apk or started the game. We could only track about 20% from those downloads. I guess those people just download 50 games at once and then only install a few of them.

I have something “funny” to the topic here. It’s from chartboost, which always used to perform best for us. The ads are well optimized interstitials and we only show the most earning quality ads. One every 3-5 minutes. Others are blocked out:


Google Play still performs better than other app store for me. Maybe you could share what kind of app that is successful in other app stores? Did you promote them?

I use Google Play and non-play stores… Some months are better with GP and others are better with non-GP stores.

The non-GP stores are getting better though. More and more exposure to end-users is creating a better market. Plus you can use more aggressive units like icons, and notifications etc, which certainly help revenue.

Can the people who use other markets with success please post your results with what market?