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Hey guys,

mobiMicro is the first mobile product network that promotes actual products from merchants on a CPC basis. No matter the app, we have products that are definitely going to drive clicks and revenue for your audience.

Our SDK takes 15 minutes to implement and places a custom button anywhere inside your app that opens up a “store”. We then contextually target products that are relevant to your app’s demographic or content. We have thousands of products within our network so any app will find a match.

We operate primarily in the US with UK, FR, DE, and AU expansions coming in the upcoming weeks.

We invite everyone to take advantage of the holiday season but beyond my company, I am here to contribute to the forum and give my professional advice across the board. Please feel free to ask me questions about your apps - I do like to contribute to your overall success.

Sign Up directly on our site: Link Here

Some quick case studies:

1. CPC averaging around $0.15
2. $1.00 eCPM across the board
3. Our ads have 400% higher CTR
4. 30.1% of DAU enter the store
5. 3.2% CTR within the store

Some quick ad performance stats:

  1. CPCs are typically averaging around $0.15
  2. If I backed the math out into a eCPM - we’re about $1.00 eCPM across the board
  3. The company has massive holiday budgets locked up so revenue will stay consistent
  4. Native ads product a 400% higher CTR over standard banner ads

I am checking the website out, right now.
It seems really interesting, as idea! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to send me an email to get you started for at least a test run :slight_smile:

wonny (at) mobimicro.com

Our latest SDK has seen some amazing stats:

30.1% of DAU enter the store
3.2% CTR within the store

happy monday everyone

With the shopping season coming up, this may be something worth looking into.

We have more holiday budgets than we have developers/publishers to move traffic. Great problem to have but would love to get more ppl implemented.