Earn Money by Just Playing your Android , IOS Phones

Peko pays you to play!
Connect with friends - new & old - using peko
to play games and get cash!
Peko’s map and radar functions help you track
down people in your area to peko! Once they
return your peko, it’s game time! Play the
game to earn points that you can redeem for
Peko is free and simple to use. Join now to
discover new surprises in your everyday life!
We are providing a brand new style of social
network and way to communicate with friends.
It’s free to use and you can make cash! Peko is
supported by advertisements and other
How To Install

  1. Download Peko Here http://BillionUploads.com/pt8kh181epot
  2. Click Download on the App Store upper right.
  3. Now Open Peko App And Connect To Facebook
  4. Use This code If Asked: uD4M8ix9 ( You’ll Get
    5,000 Points)
    For Android
  5. Download Peko Click http://BillionUploads.com/pt8kh181epot
  6. Now Open Peko App And Connect To Facebook
  7. Use This code If Asked: uD4M8ix9 (You’ll Get
    5,000 Points)
    For PC
  8. Download And Install Bluestacks Software
    Here http://BillionUploads.com/
  9. Then Follow Instructions For Android Above
    The Game:
    Now You are ON Peko
    You have 10/10 Peko’s Every 60 Minute 1 Peko
    Will be Added to You.
    For Starters You want to Play on Scramble
    Match Click the Shout Outs of Person then they
    will recieve your Peko then both of you Guys
    will Play, You can shout out too! people will
    start peko-ing you!
    The game is a like a roulette and you will just
    press the button to release the ball, once it
    hits the blue color you will get 50-150 points,
    yellow color 200-350 points, if you are lucky
    u’ll getting whooping Gold (the jackpot) 500 to
    6500 points…
    100,000 Points to Cashout, it’s really easy to
    reach said points! Just keep Pekoing People and
    in a day or two you can reach 100k then cash it

GUIDES https://m2.facebook.com/groups/489336547867383


Invitation Code uD4M8ix9
Invitation Code uD4M8ix9
Invitation Code uD4M8ix9
Invitation Code uD4M8ix9
Invitation Code uD4M8ix9

Q: Payout? A: Through paypal.Minimum payout is at 100,000 points.
The total is $9.70 which is deposited immediately.
Q: How do I find people to peko that will actually peko BACK?! A:
Use the scramble match lobby to find people to peko. These people
are the most active and will 99% of the time peko back.
Q: How do I turn off “sharing” my points? A: In short, you can’t,
but neither can anyone else! Everyone shares in a spin. For the long
answer: “When you make the peko connection, you don’t have to
spin the wheel. Some people will make a connection(just to get the
time bonus), and then wait till they have time to actually spin the
wheel. You literally have to share the spin points(but you do not
share the jackpot points I don’t think). I would just check back to
make sure they shared the points, but don’t worry about them
having the option to or not.”
Q: I don’t know what i’m doing? A: Read the guide below when you
got time.
GENERAL TIPS: -NEVER have 10 pekos… When you have 10 pekos,
that means your not regenerating any new pekos(1 peko regenerates
once an hour. if you click on the side bar it tells you how many
more minutes till you get your next peko). The only acceptable time
to have 10 pekos is when you wake up. This is usually when I just
use 5-10 pekos. Remember: if you have 10 pekos, you aren’t getting
any more! So use them up!
-Try very hard to NEVER peko someone else when your peko is in
the middle of regenerating(again, see the side panel to see how much
time you have left). Once you peko someone, your timer resets.
Example: if I had 6 pekos and pekoed someone with only 5 minutes
left till I got my next peko, I would have 5 pekos, and it would take
a WHOLE HOUR to regenerate another one to get 6. In this example
what you should do is just wait the 5 minutes til you have 7 pekos,
AND THEN peko someone.
-Don’t peko someone twice. You can only peko someone/they peko
you only once every 12 hours. To clarify: you can’t peko someone
for another 12 hours, even if THEY pekoed you. I have wasted many
peko doing this by accident.
-When someone else pekos you, you don’t spend any peko.
-Take advantage of the time bonus. If someone else PEKOS YOU, be
sure to peko them back within 10 minutes(25% time bonus). For this
reason, I have notifications turned on for peko on my phone.
-Find people to peko in the scramble match. Often times when you
peko people “near you” or on the “radar”, they won’t peko back. The
people in the scramble match lobby you KNOW are there. Once you
peko them, they have 10 minutes to peko you back and get the time
bonus with you. 99% of the time, they peko back within the 10
-Go into the scramble match lobby and fish for people to peko you
at odd times. Typically at night time is the worst time. Morning is
pretty good, as well as afternoon. I suppose it depends what time
zone you are in. Being a female helps, and having a provocative
picture helps. However, if you have neither, usually a picture of a
cute animal does the trick!
TIPS FOR ROLLING THE PEKO BALL: -I have found that the best
time to roll the peko ball is when the gold passes the bottom hole of
the screen, drop it. But only drop it when the power bar is filled to
the letter “O” on Drop. After this, hold down the drop button to
“hurry”. I will usually get a gold by this strategy, and it is the fastest
way to peko.
-If you prefer to take your time, try dropping the ball with almost
zero power when the gold is at the top right of the screen. DO NOT
HURRY THE BALL in this strategy.
-The peko spinner starts in about 3 or 4 different positions. Find out
where to drop it in each position. This usually takes a day or two for
you to work out in your head.
JACKPOT TIPS: -when spinning the jackpot, I always start with the
middle lane. The secret to the jackpot is having a rhythm. Once I hit
the middle lane, I wait a short second, and then hit the left lane. I
find that with this method, I can get the middle and left lane lined up
(remember diagonal counts too!) 8/10 tries. Once you do that, all
that is left to hit is the right lane, which statistically is WAY easier to
hit if you can get the middle and left lane perfect.
-No, I haven’t hit the 100,000 yet on the Jackpot. If you have, let
us know!!!
SCRAMBLE MATCH(now available for ALL platforms!) -the absolute
best place to find someone to peko.
-Look for 4 colors in a row. Take your time(but not too much time).
If you see a pattern where there is: two of the same color, other
color, two of the same color, all in a line, this is a GREAT setup to
make a 5 in a row. Take one second and look if you can match
ones around it, to line that specific color next to the middle of that
potential 5-in a row. I apologize as its difficult to write out.
-do not SAVE your big plays for the “bonus scrumble”. Use them as
soon as you can. Often times using your big plays lead to other big
plays. I used to save all of my stripes and balls till the bonus
scrumble and would get beat bad every time when i realized that the
bonus didn’t even get me close to the competitors.
-Unless you are amazing at scramble match, I would not recommend
using it purely for profit. The variability in between matches I believe
is too great. I usually just enter the 100 point match for fun.
-As I said, I’m not amazing at scramble match, so if anyone has
any tips, please add!
Any questions please PM me, or post. Please add any tips you have
thought of as well… We are all in this together to make money, so
share the wealth!

Have Fun!

How much you make per day with this?

10$ per day if u spend your time on peko