Duck Hunter Dodger Doom


Duck Hunter Dodger Doom app will certainly remind you your childhood and make smile! If you’re hungry for adventures, flying duck hunting is exactly what you need! Duck Hunter Dodger Doom app has many great features,each flying duck is very difficult bullseye.It’s very fast,so you’ll have a choice ofgunsand shoot any duck, it shouldn’t escape!

There’re more than one duckflying across your display, your goal is to kill not only one duck, but as many as possible. Each flying duck has its own trajectory and speed. So everybody who’s hungry for gambling is welcome to play this game! Induckshootinggame the time islimited – only 1.5 minute, so to kill the flying duckyou should react quickly!

One of the best features of crazy duckshooting game is that you have variousguns!But in order to get these guns you should try hard, because they’re given to you only in exchange of earned bonuses! Download this flying duck hunting game and don’t be hungry for ducks.

There’re some important reasons, why you should download this Duck Hunter Dodger Doom app:

• The Duck Hunter Dodger Doom app is absolutely free! Each flying duck is very difficult bullseye, each crazy duck is special and you’ll have many guns, this gamewon’t cost you anything!
• Internet is required only for downloading this flying duck hunting game, so you canshoot, kill and hunt for the flying duckeven being offline!
• Permanent updates ensure the Duck Hunter Dodger Doom app with the newest versions of this flying duck hunting game, so you’ll never be bored!
• Don’t lose this unique chance to become the best duck hunter – just download this crazy duck hunting game and check how many ducks you can shoot and kill! Don’t let them escape!

There’re 3 levels in this game –forest, swamp and wheatfield. In the forest there’re 2 types of ducks, that are flying across your screen – white and brown, and you should kill only white. If you kill the brown ones, you won’t get any points. Each level consists of 9 steps and you should gradually pass them all, because if you didn’t win the previous step, you won’t be able to pass on the next one.

The time is limited, but the quantity of ducks is increasing with each level. In the very first they’re about 10, but then their quantity rises till 25 and even 30, and the time is still very limited! But if you kill more than the set quantity of ducks, you’ll get additional bonuses! So as you see it’s very complicated to pass all levels of this game!

The second level is called swamp and there you’ll see white ducks and crowns flying across the screen. The rules here are almost the same as in the first level – here you also should kill as many ducks as possible. But, in this game there’re crows instead of brown ducks.

And if you kill at least one of them, even though you killed a lot of white ducks, the game will be over. Furthermore in this game fat ducks are appearing. And also if you kill them you earn nothing! So you should be very attentive! By the way – you should always load your gun, if you don’t do this, it won’t shoot at all!

As you see a part of your time is spent also on gun loading, so you should be very quick. And the third level is the same as the first 2, but the difference is that here there white, brown ducks, fat ducks and crows are flying together. And killing fat ducks and brown ducks also gives you some points. But still you shouldn’t kill the crow!

In addition in the end of each step, you’ll see the quantity of bonuses that you’ve earned. Then according to the prices in the game’s shop, you can buy the gun. There 4 types of gun and they’ll suit everybody’s taste! So just enjoy this crazyduckshooting game without thinking about anything!
Download the Duck Hunter Dodger Doom app and always be hungry for risks and adventures!