Drop in impressions yesterday

Hi guys

For some strange reason I had a big drop in impressions on different networks yesterday,
Anyone else had the same?
Did google change something?


same here, 32% drop in impressions…

I had a drop in impressions and revenue during and after easter. Impressions have almost recovered since yesterday but RPM still lower than usual

i had 2/3 of the usual impression with appnext yesterday too…sadly i don’t have implemented analytics in my game so i don’t know if it was some kind of bug or simply less people playing…but i am more inclined to think that it was some issue on the advertiser itself since my positions in the ranks has gone up yesterday and i don’t see why all of a sudden my daily impression should lower so much since i have been seeing them increasing every day since launch…

Yeah I had a drop aswell, I am confused, what is google doing lately?

I don’t know, Maybe they are doing different ranking by location?

Still got half of impressions today but apps seems to be ranked the same.

Same here…since monday i had a 30-40% drop in ads request compared to last week even though, according to googleplay, the number of installed apps has grown by 10%…ok, my numbers are pretty low so it may be that…but it sound strange that with 300ish install i was doing 350+ placements and now with 600ish i am doing 200-250 placements

I also dropped a lot in rankings today don’t know why since the last data i have on my hands (related to yesterday) showed a normal 130-140 daily download as usual…it already happened once a pair of weeks ago and then, the day after, i “magically” went back to the usual rank position…i can’t really understand how google rankings works…i have apps in front of me with lot less download than mine (and they have been out for longer too)