Downloads, not Reviews

To look genuine, it is important to have a number of downloads way more than reviews.

This thread is just to exchange DOWNLOADS/Installs - nothing else.

Just download and keep app 7 days.

As you wish. I’ll only download it and keep it for at least a week (unless I like it of course). Please do the same for my game: (I do appreciate reviews but you can leave that out to keep things equal).

I see what you mean though with 10-50 installs, but if you do it this way, you’ll have to promote your game a lot around here and for a very long time, while avoiding reviews to keep the balance realistic.

I believe you might be better off buying a small, cheap bunch of (one week) downloads for just one time. Then the ballance is immediately and probably permanently fixed. Then you can ask for complete reviews again without having to wait for things to even out.

^ where can I buy downloads?

And oh…come on guys, let’s download!!

I’ve downloaded yours.

Come on guys.