Downloads for my game

Hi all,

I had published my game from over 2 weeks and i had no downloads only downloads i got from review exchange not from real players
i need help to know what’s wrong with my game i did Spam on forums and facebook groups but without any results daily downloads still 0

game link :

Thanks and welcome for any advice

Your description is a crap so nobody can find your game. It also shows that even you, as a developer, don’t want to spend time to write a good description, so why anyone would spend his time to play this game?
I don’t like the graphics but maybe some players will like it. You should get some downloads if you write ~3000 characters long description full of relevant keywords.

Hello @mrpanda
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Yea a better description might work, you need some relevant keywords.

put keywords and more description.
u test and see

The same my game, I added keyword and good description but it hasn’t downloads : What’s the happen? Please give me some advice?

your description is not good
there is a lot of games called exactly like yours, and it is impossible to find your game by its exact title.

So should i change main keyword and description?

You should change the title and the description. You should have many keywords, not one. With no downloads you need to target the phrases with 2 - 3 words. And you need to repeat them up to 5 times.

Ok thanks you :slight_smile:

Thank you guys

any news?
u changed it? it worked?

I had changed the description from 4 days but nothing happens , still no downloads

You need to buy downloads its the only way to get noticed.

thank you for your reply , from where can i buy cheep downloads ?

Then change it again. And again. And again, till it gets the downloads. And every time you change the description look what is the result on AppAnnie, 2 - 3 days should show you if the changes go in the right direction.
You need to put more keywords in the description and repeat them up to 5 times. You rank #2 for “super eagle” in my country, which is decent, but nobody searches for that. Try ranking for something like “shooter”, “shooting bird”, “shooting eagle”, “endless shooter”, “arcade shooter”… Well, figure some keywords yourself, repeat them 5 times, see if you rank for this keyword and if it brings any downloads.
Buying downloads is definitely not what you want to do with your game.

@mrpanda try rewriting your description in a more exciting, active and concise way- instead of ending with “if you like the adventure, you will like Super Eagle”, lead with that. Also I agree with @allagainstyou that your keywords need to be more broad so that users can find your app. To get things moving faster, you could buy installs. It will make sure your app will get a boost and then afterwards, you can decide if you want to continue with it.