Download tiers and their effect on search rankings

I wanted to ask if anyone noticed any boost in new downloads when their app reaches new download tiers, like 10K+ downloads, 50k+ downloads and so on? Does the app move up in rankings when your tier is higher, did anyone notice anything like that?

What I am really trying to figure out is if I drive a ton of downloads from Turkey, will my app rank in China because my overall download tier is high? … so far seems to be the case…

I have 2 apps who recently went above 50k but daily download rate remained the same… :frowning:

I think this was discussed on this forum in an earlier thread - the impression was that it impacts positively as you cross 500,000+.

However, in retrospect I would say it doesn’t seem to affect much - perhaps it may start to figure in rankings a bit more (if Google Play favors apps that are “mature”). I have seen two apps cross 500K+ and in retrospect I would say not huge impact - but one wouldn’t know if any of the other trends in downloads etc. one sees are related to that if those changes happen very slowly (Google algorithms).

One area it DEFINITELY should impact is user perception of your app - for instance some users will trust an app with 500,000+ downloads more than one with 1000+ downloads. For example, any app with large downloads is an indication that it has been vetted thoroughly by users and any issues with virus etc. would have been reported in the comments. So maybe this may impact in the initial conversion (percentage of people who download the app after viewing it’s Google Play page - so may improve downloads in general.

^ I agree. So besides a better install/conversion rate for your app, there is really no huge benefit from getting through download tiers.

I can only guess but from my observation in the last few months, things that rank you in search results:

  1. Total downloads per country
  2. Keywords in title and description

Things that rank you in top lists:

  1. Weekly downloads per country
  2. Weekly active installs ratio

Things that rank you in “trending lists”:

  1. Daily spike in total downloads

I had a 3 month old app, i just got a spick from 500 dl/day to 3500 dl/day and suddenly it appeared all over trending list…well thats seasonal so its all gone :slight_smile:

Yes, ranking in the various categories REALLY seems to be quite dependent (on a daily basis) on your download rate (or install/uninstall rate etc.).

So depending on how your download numbers move daily (and I suppose on what the rest of the market is doing) - your app may ranking higher or lower by 10-20 places sometimes - from what I’ve seen.

The impact of keywords I suspect is INDIRECT (on rankings) - in that if you have keywords that are searched more by users - it will lead to better download numbers - which will then impact your rankings etc.

So I would guess that is the “causal” link of how things might work.

Totally agree with this logic.
To add a feedback to initial question of toxic, upgrading to higher tier doesn’t seem to affect much. I have 2 apps going above 100k downloads and no real effect.

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Well my app just passed 1000+ downloads and it improved my ranking with 2 + places

When you mentioned Turkey, I thought you were referring to Thanksgiving (the American holiday during which most people eat turkey), until I saw the word China :slight_smile:
Also interested in the download tier’s affects, since my app is nearing 5,000+, currently at ~4,600. I update a spreadsheet with weekly download stats (changes in total installs, active installs, retention rate, etc.) so if I notice any changes I’ll definitely post back here.