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Hi everyone. We’re releasing a new space shooting game on Google Play and the Amazon app store called Galaxy Clash 2. It be available now. :slight_smile:

Have fun and please let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Here’s the video and some screenshots below:

Download it TODAY FOR FREE !
The adventure continues in Galaxy Clash 2 : Space Wars of Sonic Star Birds VS Angry Zaxon Clans.

Start celebrating your winter holidays now. Take control of your sonic star bird ship again and blast the invader zaxon aliens out of space. Combat wave after wave in the best bullet hell classic style arcade shooter on Android.

“This is galaxian style arcade gaming at it’s best. I love the effects and sound is really nice. Really a lot of gun” - Dire Gamer (Dec 2 2013)

“So many ships to take on. just smashing through them all feels great. the difficulty is nice and gradual too. not too tough” - Retro gamer (Dec 3 2013)

The Alien clans from Zaxon are back, filled with revenge and anger from their first failed attempt at invading Earth, defeated by the sonic star bird team. Our hope lies in the skill and bravery of our pilots once again. But this time we’ll take the fight to their turf, the aliens homeworld.
Your task is to command your ship, blast through their defences and wipeout all future dangers.

Galaxy Clash 2 top points:
★ 5 different ships and characters to control.
★ Upgrade your ships, weapons, shields and unlocks all the worlds.
★ Addictive fun game play which anyone can control.
★ Hours and hours of game time.
★ Amazing arcade style graphics.

Thanks to everyone who has played Galaxy Clash 1, we hope you enjoy this next instalment.

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