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Facebook has a powerful application for Android devices, this application is Facebook Home. This application is a user interface layer which can be installed on the Android devices. The Facebook Home application has been designed by the social networking service Facebook. It has been developed to offers for the android users’ possibility to replace their existing Home Launcher with a new one especially dedicated for Facebook features.

How to download and install Facebook Home app on any Android device

[li] Firstly, download the following APK files: Facebook Home, Facebook Messenger, Facebook App below save them on your PC desktop.
[/li][li] Secondly, you have to uninstall all your current applications that you have installed on your Android device including the Facebook Messenger and the Facebook Home if you tried to install the same and give you the failed message. To do that you need to navigate on the following path : Settings > Apps > and from here you need to browse the apps and uninstall the Facebook’s application one by one.
[/li][li] Connect your Android device to your PC using the Android device’s USB cable.
[/li][li] Move the three APK files to your Android device’s storage (SD card).
[/li][li] After you have been successfully transferred all three APK files, disconnect your device by removing his USB cable.
[/li][li] Now, Open the file browser on your Android smartphone or tablet and search for the APK files that you have copied previously. For the file browser that you’re using to install the apps you can use the Astro File Browser that is available to free download on Google Play Store from here.
[/li][li] After you found the APK files, tap each of the APK files one by one and install them. The correct order to install these three apk files is that, first install the Facebook app, and after you installed the same login into your Facebook account. Then install the Messenger app, also open and login in. And after that install the Facebook Home app, and do the same open it and login in.
[/li][li] After you have been installed all these three APK files in the correct order and login in, hit the home button from your Android device and when you’ll be ask which default app to use select the Facebook Home app. Also, you can select the Facebook Home app by default always if you decide to keep it.
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