Dont use the word "HOW" in app title or description.

Don’t use this word it is now Trademarked LOL.

Oh and by the way I just Trademarked “eCPM” So adnetworks start paying up :slight_smile: LOL J/K.

Someone is not doing their job at trademarks office because single words cant be trademarked according to law but they seem to be passing them anyway, what idiots.

When will it end…

When every single word in the dictionary is Trademarked.
And every human isn’t allowed to speak anymore… unless they own the word of course

I don’t know - maybe it won’t stop then, instead the trademark owners will be granting usage of their words to those who pay a license fee. So a license for a “Who flows the scrolls of memory saga” title will cost you $100’000 per month. :wink:

What?? Well, this is just madness! :eek:

Thanks for the link. So is has this been implemented? little confused sorry.