Donation for my google play account

Aftabl gave me 30 USD and now I have given them back.

Any sceeenshot of your game or video maybe?

$25 is not something you cannot afford even in poorest of countries (if you have a computer). One could understand if you were having trouble with the credit card etc.

Another option is making a game and then offering it for sale - or doing some contract work etc.

Exactly my thoughts. If someone has resources to access internet,learn english,time and money to learn java,android and unity(is it even free for android?) then google play account should be a breeze.

If you know Unity and game development you can get this amount in freelancers site in one hour

From which country are you? can you do translation work for me and earn that money. Just PM if ready to help yourself.

he’s seems to be from pakistan if the name is correct.

Hi Javaexp, I am from Pakistan. our National language is URDU but most of the people use english, so translation in urdu will just be waste of time.

PMPharaoh, adforandroidapps , PMprotonsavy & Rixshow Pakistan isn’t a supported country by paypal. I have created a paypal account by using Payoneer Mastercard service (payoneer/). So if I even ask some of my faimly members or friends , they simply can’t help me because they don’t have a Payoneer or paypal account. Therefore I am asking for donation here. When I ll get money through paypal , this will be loaded into my payoneer mastercard and I will use this card to create google play developer account.

I tried on elance so but I didn’t get project as my development level is not so advance and I havn’t any other project to show there as my past work.
Before moving to android, I started working on windowsphone with reason that their developer account is free for student, but microsoft advertisment netork wasn’t supported in pakistan and other networks has low cpm and high payment threshold that i never reached the payment threshold.
Link to my windows phone apps are as following
World News | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
Pakistan News | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
Amazing Facts | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)

and android app which i mentioned. I had uploaded it on aptoide marketplace as it has free registration. its link is
Easy Travel | Android Apps (Free APK)

my current unity game is just in very begining as I am also learing unity at the same time by following some tutorial on youtube.

People if there as still any confusions please tell me I ll try on clear them.

Can you translate to Arabic?

well thats appears more legit, i guess you can try something on also , if that supports your payment method.

Hey bro u can load money in ur card using any credit card and u can also register google play account in Pakistan using ubl wiz card
If u still need any help pm me :slight_smile:

tamior bahi , if I had a credit card , why havn’t i created account using it ?, and secondly I didn’t have any UBL card. You might havn’t read my first post in which i mentioned I dont have too much resources to get open a special account, I got payoneer account only as it was free.

No sir I only know english well

So whe mn did u got ur payoneer card and in which city do u live?

I got it about 6 months ago and live in sargodha

Do you trust the folks on this forum more than your family, friends etc. to give you $25 ? No one in that circle has a credit card they can use to deposit money into your paypal account ?

I think it should be possible to wire money into your payoneer account should it not ? Do any of your friends have a paypal account - ask them to deposit the money in there.

Though that can be understood if you are very small in age and no one wants to trust you with that money etc. and only android developers can understand you …

If some kind soul wants to help him out - make sure you post here - so there are no repeat paypal deposits.

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24 nov 2013
21:04:08 CET

@atifbs May you be blessed with 100 times more of that.

yes i received $28.53. thanks , God bless you.

If anyone have similiar problem maybe it would be good to start with Amazon AppStore since it’s free.