Does the Google Play Violation Has Expiry

Hello friends, I would like to know that Does the Google Play Violation Has Expiry.

As i Already Got 2 Warnings @@


Well, I don’t think that there’s any expiry data of Google Play Violation, what they follow is three strike policy 1st, 2nd and 3rd warning and next time you will do anything fishy your account will suspended and once you got yourself suspended then you can ask for reconsideration after 6 months ! But the chances of getting the same account reactivated is very little ! I would say as you have already got two warnings means now you need to remain alerted not to get your @#! kicked of by Google … :stuck_out_tongue:

Warning or suspension?

3 suspensions = permanent account ban.
Not sure about warning (7 days notice…?).

I have 4 app suspensions with my play account still active

Then you must be lucky ! Now don’t try anything fishy otherwise I would say your luck with ran out this time ! I am sure you must have the idea that google is getting strict day by day and I am sure that you may have heard the news previously the popular phandroid community application got banned from the PlayStore !

Probably it will get banned in a few days. There were similar situations but all of them got banned later.

Been a long time man. Probably over a year.

probably ad violations in which case the 3 strikes didn’t apply

Nope, Learn from your warnings so that you don’t need to be warned again. Otherwise there goes your hard work.

Well, yup I would say there are some things which always remains the same !

What is the policy you violated?

2 of them we’re for misleading. 1 of them was for copyright. The other was for leveraging another app’s name and keywords.

Most of us here in this forum did get ban after 3 suspensions. Could it be the time interval between suspensions is long? But since Google is very random, nothing is certain. There are luckier people that only get warning instead of suspension. For whatever reason, you should be careful on your current account.

Yes, I’ve spoken to less and more lucky people. I hope so. It was over the course of a year, I’m being as careful as I can with my current account, I really hope I don’t get banned.