Does TapJoy harm banner/ad revenue? My experience!

I just wanted to share my experience on TapJoy and Banner ads with you.
I monetized my game until the 9th April only by a banner at the top of the game, showing always, refresh rate 60 seconds.

Until then I was pretty happy with the revenue, the ecpm was 0.80 to 1.10$. and ctr 1.5 to 2%.
Then I decided to add the possiblity for the players to earn additional coins ingame, the virtual currency from TapJoy.
So I released an update on 9th April, and after that I saw my banner revenue dropping from day to day, finally 1 month after update release it was at 20-30% of normal, now I have an ecpm of 0.02 to 0.20 (on good days).
And ctr is currently 0.7-0.8. The revenue earned by TapJoy doesn’t even cover the half of revenue that I lost from the banners.
That sucks :smiley:

So what do you think, did really the initiative app installs from TapJoy harm my banner revenue, or did you have at the beginning of Arpil also a big revenue drop?
Maybe someone had similar experience. Would be nice to hear your opinions on that.

April was really strong across all the networks I use.

I wouldn’t expect your ad revenue to be affected to badly, but maybe that is the case. Interesting either way and thanks for that insight!

Would you say that the items the users can purchase are of desire to them? Like can you get by without them etc? Or are they really enticing?

The only scenario where your ad revenue should drop is if most of your users are engaging with the virtual currency. Do you have any idea how much of your user base is purchasing items?

The players do not have to earn money with TapJoy, they can reach everything without the coins. It’s a rpg game, so you can sell items that you find for the same currency.
It’s just easier and faster with coins from TapJoy. That’s why I have only 40-50 conversions out of 1000 DAU’s.

But’s if I take a look at my statistics at the banner ads and tapjoy, that can’t be accident that on the day I integrated TapJoy my banner revenue went to the ground.
Another though I had is, if the ad networks somehow recognize which apps/games use iniciative traffic and then the advertisers avoid them, or the revenue is cut… Is that thought realistic? I don’t know

So you had no unusual revenue drop in april. hm

I don’t think that integrating tapjoy is the reason for revenue drop with banners. Although adding virtual currency to your game probably changed the way how users interact with your game a bit, the impact should not be so devastating for banners. More probably, the reason for poor banner results lies solely in the ad network you use. As you can see from other threads, some ad networks perform really poor currently.

Commenting your numbers:
Old ecpm 0.80 to 1.10$ - excellent.
Old ctr 1.5 to 2% - very good.
New ecpm of 0.02 – useless, reality with some ad networks currently, but will not be tolerated by developers.
New ctr 0.7-0.8% - under average. As dropped approx. to a half of old ecpm, might also be result of rubbish ad inventory.
40-50 tapjoy conversions per 1000 DAU – I have not much experience with tapjoy, but I think 4-5% DAUs converting is not bad at all.

In your case, I would definitely try switching to another banner ad network, and see how things will work out.
Final remark: However, I cannot rule out your “conspiracy against incentivized ad networks hypothesis“. You did not mention which banners do you use, so I wonder which ad network would be doing that.

Thanks for you comment.
I’m using banners from Leadbolt.

Last week I switched to mMedia, whom I’ve used before leadbolt, a half year ago. There I had an ecpm of 0.40 to 0.50$. That was not too bad. But leadbolt was really better until April.
So I thought switching back to mMedia. The result was, the new mMedia ECPM was at 0.20 with 60-70% fillrate. Not really much better than leadbolt. So it seems like I have the same effect also on other networks.

Have you considered trying some other ad formats like icon ad, push ad, interstitials etc…

Our design app is using Appflood’s interstitials
it’s generating daily 20,000+ impressions with around 30% CRT, with an eCPM of around $1
I am now also considering using other net works like InMobi…Will do some research though.

Try more ad networks, try more ad formats~see what’s teh best for you:)