Does someone have experience with Amazon Ads?

I read about this thing that gives you 6% of a sale that a costumer did. If he sees e.g. a banner for a camera and he buys it for $400, you get $24 for that. I can’t find this system anywhere. Maybe my memory is just wrong?

Anyway, I don’t read anything about the “normal” amazon ads. Can someone talk about these? >$2 CPM that they advertise on their site sounds great, but what’s the fillrate?

Thank you guys

The first thing you mention is the Amazon affiliate program (Amazon Associates?). It’s discussed in an old thread on here.

With banners, I’m seeing $1.20 eCPM, with a fill rate of 100% for US requests. So it entirely depends on your demographics. Interestingly, it seems to be unrelated to the CTR. It’s probably heavily subsidized by Amazon.

Amazon (banner and mobile affiliate) is for u.s. traffic only

Note that the Amazon Mobile Associates Program rejects shopping apps. I wasted time submitting an app that’s somewhat shopping-related app and was rejected.

Have you guys tried mobile media buying? That’s also an affiliate program, only for mobile ads.