Does google still use ban hammer?

i know there have been alot of changes in google play over the last few years. these include google checking apps before they are published and simply rejecting them instead of permanently suspending the app (and after 3 suspensions, you receive a full account ban).

i am planning to update an old app that may/my not be considered IP infringement or copyright infringement. this app has been on the play store for 2 years now and no issues. but this was back before google was checking apps manually.

can people share their experience with googles current system of checking apps/banning developer accounts?

I recommend not to update your apps :slight_smile: better stay safe!

do you think they will ban the whole account (ban hammer, like in good old days :rolleyes:) or just the app? i am making $0 from my most successful app because the ad implementation is old and requires an update.

It’s very risky, yes google will never retire the ban hammer I think.
If you have 0 app suspensions in that account it’s worth trying, you are making 0$ from that app anyways. But if you had 2 app suspensions in the past you can put your all account in danger updating that app.

If you are earning $0 from that account, you can try updating your apps! Nothing lost, right?

Answer for your thread title - YES.

so i decided to take the safe option and un-publish the app, but to do that i had to fill out the new content rating. so i filled it out and unpublished the app, 4 hours later i get an email from google

the account is still active but that 1 app is now suspended, so i got 3 suspensions now. i really hope i don’t get an email from google on monday saying my account is closed.

They still check… they told me DogPoo game wasn’t suitable for kids!!!

If your account wasn’t banned immediately you are probably safe. May I ask if you remember the last time you got an app suspended for that account?

That is really risky. Are you still safe? and when you got suspend last time?

It’s extremely hazardous, yes google will never resign the boycott pound I think.

On the off chance that you have 0 application suspensions in that record it merits attempting, you are making 0$ from that application at any rate. In any case, in the event that you had 2 application suspensions in the past you can put your everything account in risk overhauling that application.