Does google link your developer accounts like this...

Is it possible that google uses your ad network developer id within an app to link your apps across multiple developer accounts and ban them all? Or am I just being paranoid and it is a waste of time to make multiple ad network accounts?


No I do not think so ,
May be Google can use it as an evidence , but it will not trigger the linking process

IMHO Google may use strings from Manifest or java files to find similar accounts. Beside advertiser IDs there might be common strings like URLs to house ads system. Anyway - if it exists it’s not fully automated thing and probably needs some google-human interaction.

I think that they may check your meta-tags in manifest. And in these tags there is often your id in ad network (e.g. Applovin).

Yes, but I believe they only check it if someone points at you in the ‘report bad app’ form and provides links to your both accounts. That happens in the world when developers have own ad systems, and their
own ads point to different GP accounts.