Does advertising with AppBrain helps to increase rankings ?

Does advertising with AppBrain helps to increase rankings ?
or any other ad network, better than AppBrain for advertisers & must be cheap.
any other tips to increase rankings on play store ?


They all work, but you need to specifically target certain countries.
Each country has its own set of rankings and charts with the PlayStore.

As an example, if you want to buy installs from India you will pay less than you would for U.S/E.U installs. It would also take less downloads to rank high.

For places like U.S/E.U (and others) you will pay a lot more per install and it will take more downloads to rank high there.

Note that if you need the downloads in a really short space of time (e.g 500 a day, instead of say 50 a day) then you will have to bid higher again.

This is the best time of year to do it though as many advertisers aren’t spending right now, making the market less competitive with bidding.

i got an app rank in the top 250 in India using app-brain advertising…

I am already at 240 in India.

Might be an idea to push it hard in India for your promotion then, provided your users there are worth it so far. (retention, ARPDAU etc)

my plan is to recover my invested money from monetization.There are more chance to earn in USA rather than India.