do you work with couple of networks in parallel? do you integrate couple of SKDs

into your app?
how do you decide how to split the traffic between the networks?


Yes, not splitting, different ad units places. To split traffic use some mediation services; madserve, admob mediation, mobpub :wink:

if i use 2 admob units in one app, is it legal, i know it is possible but is it in accordance with the policy?

several ad networks for position in my app!

Hi Artik,

As someone who works for an ad network, if there’s one advice I can give you (which I have, in this forum, in the past), it’s to always integrate at least 2 neworks. Even 3 is good.
Never settle for one network, you never know what the future may bring. Revenues suddenly decrease, Google policy may change again…a lot can happen.

Hey Artik,
When you work with mediation levels, I feel like youre taking a cut of a cut of a cut. So if you’re looking to make the most money, I would say go for a single SDK. However, if you plan on being a huge Zynga or Rovio company, go with a mediation layer for more choices. I’m happy with a single SDK (airpush). They pay really well and on a weekly basis. Just my 2 cents.

when u work with mediation service, u get paid from the mediator?!?
I thought u still get paid from the ad networks (unless the mediator provides the ad).
so why do u think u get a cut of a cut of a cut as u say?


When you use a mediation layer, they are taking a cut from your cut… How will mediation layers like Smaato, Mopub, Burstly make money if they didnt?

Actually this is incorrect for most mediation services. The mediation services don’t pay you, you still have to make accounts at the networks you want to use and they will pay you. Admob mediation is totally free. I think mopub doesn’t charge anything up to a certain number of impressions per day, not sure about that though.

Mopub is free upto 100Mil per month…

With MoPub Online, you can serve up to 100M impressions monthly before you need to sign a contract or pay a fee. We offer MoPub Premier for customers who want to exceed this number or sign a separate agreement with us. We do not charge a percentage of revenue; we charge on a flat CPM basis.

This is from their website.