Do you want to increase the downloads and rating of your android app?


Thank you, I reviewed and G+ your application also, wajdi el ahmadieh.

Good luck.

Did the same.
Good Luck

I reviewed all of Your apps under Velinschi Aleksandr! 5* , Good comment, G+1 and I will NOT delete Your apps guys!!!
Please review my, Thank You!

If You will not review my app till tuesday I will change or delete my marks and Your apps from my devices… :frowning:
You promised to review back.

for me wasoftco I already reviewed your application with the name wajdi el ahmadieh, for the others send them a private message , and if they don’t reply, you have the right to remove your review as you’re saying here, because maybe they don’t receive email notification from this thread unless you quote them.

Sorry for that and good luck

Downloaded, Played, G+1 , 5 stared and reviewed by Viaceslav Vasiljev

Download my app, G+1 it and give it a review please.

Did the same.
good luck

[b]Done ! i give it Five Star Rating 5* Google Plus one +1 and Positive comment…

My account name Jessica Loren

Please Rewiew My Game
Hill Climb Racing 4x4



I gave 5 stars and G+.
And reviewed by “Bae Paul”.

My app’s link is


I did the same.

Good luck

I did the same.
Good luck

Hi, I have downloaded and rated your app with the name Michael Mendoza. I will rate the rest of the apps here in a while.

Please rate my game app as well. Thanks!

“Last Bird Standing”

I did rate ang g+ all working apps url and compatible to my device. The name is under Michael Mendoza.

Please rate my app. Thanks!

I Did the same.
for the other apps please send them a private message maybe they don’t receive email from this thread.
good luck.

Hi, did G+1, 5* and review form David Nyitrai “Love it! Well designed, made me relax, thanks!!!”

If you could do the same for me at

Rated your app 5 Stars by name “Varinder Dua” and reviewed as nice…
Please do the same for my below app.


Did the same.
good luck

Did the same.
good luck

Hi g+and 5 star user name John Simpson could you review mine thanks

I reviewed 5* and gg+ with name “anvu nguyen”. Would you please help me review above game?
Thank you very much,