Do these spotify plays really help increase the popularity?

Hi! I would like to ask you about spotify plays. Has anyone of you tried it? Was it profitable? Have you got what you wanted?

I think that most of the DJ in the entire world used that kind of services when they were beginning their way to the musician Olympus. I am nearly sure that this is the only one legal way to boost your spotify account and more than that the only one way to start.

I had never used that kind of services but I know that a lot of beginners in the music field started from getting spotify plays. I’ve read a lot about those services and I can say that I did not see anything non legal over there. My brother used them for fun, it was cheap and he said that the results were awesome, so if you are starting your Dj career you need to use that for boosting. so I think that this is the perfect way of beginning.