Do paid installs not work any more for google play rankings ?

Usually for new apps i have bought installs from ayetstudios and after some days i had pretty good rankings in google play.

Now i have published a new game on google play and again bought installs from ayetstudios. My new game has now over 10000 installs !

But my game is NOT ranked in game adventures category - not even in one country … that is really strange.

Seems like google does ignore those installs from ayetstudios now ? (but installs are counted in developer console)

Anybody else having this issue ?

Where do you buy installs which can really help to increase rankings these days ?

It’s old news: Keeping the Play Store trusted: fighting fraud and spam installs | Android Developers Blog

Yes, buying installs doesn’t work, but it may have some install services can bypass Google algorithm, and Google will try to improve its algorithm again.

Ok i see. What is then with services like Admob or Appbrain … When you buy installs / advertising from them … will those installs increase ranking ?
Or will only organic installs result it better category rankings ?

When you advertise your game with admob, you get downloads from people who is interest on your app, so the retention rate is much higher, and they may recommend your app to their friends. So it will increase your ranking directly and indirectly.