Do not trust LeadBolt

Issue was solved, I was too quick to judge.

I’m surprised to hear that people still use them. That sucks that they’ve done that to you man :frowning:
Keep on their case though!
inMobi screwed me over the same way and that was over $2k.

mobileCore are a good network, just be aware that they don’t have a great fill rate in some countries. Its a good idea to use an Ad Listener or something to satisfy the requests they don’t fulfill with another network.

Yeah I saw your post about InMobi. The only reason I use LeadBolt is because I used them years ago and I knew it was an ad network I could trust because I got all my payouts before. Guess I was wrong. I’m hoping after they look into everything I will get the money.

And I agree with MobileCore it’s fill rate is terrible. For my apps it can’t be better then %60. It is something like 20% on one of my apps that gets 1k downloads a day.

Ah fair enough. There are quite a lot of trustworthy networks about these days in any case :slight_smile:

For the countries mobileCore does well in they produce great eCPM and there are other networks that you can use to fill in the gaps, like AppNext, StartApp, AirPush etc. Admob has always been the best for me and I’ve never had any issues with them.