Do I need to link AdMob ad to the app?

I’m about to release an app that will be available on Amazon only, but I want to include AdMob banner ads in it. Since the “linking” works only on GP and iTunes, I won’t be able to link the ad to the app. Could this cause any trouble?


You can link it anything you want. I usually give them the opera play store link and no issues so far.

Great, I’ll try, thanks!

Hm, I’ve copied a link to one of my apps on Amazon and it said it’s an invalid link. Then I’ve tried to copy a link from one of my Opera App Store apps and it also didn’t work. Could you please provide a URL format that you use? Thanks.

admob screenshot for forum.jpgadmob screenshot for forum.jpg just regular URL , but thats the old admob, if you have the new - i don’t know

Thanks for the images. I was switched to the new AdMob and it doesn’t work for me. :frowning: I’ve send a message to AdMob also, I hope I’ll get a reply.