Do I have to translate app store listing as well to in app strings?

I have an app with 20 different in app strings for 20 different languages,

my question is, when I upload it to google play, do I have to translate the store listing to these 20 languges as well or I can have in shown only in english store listing?

Hope I’m clear, Thanks!


It’s much recommended to translate your play store description too. It will increase your search ranking for those other languages and also help you get more downloads.

A translated store listing will definitely help. Especially since your app is already translated.
Despite low quality, Google Translate could come in handy if you don’t want to spend money on getting a proper translation for the store front.

Amm, thanks for the reply but you didn’t even answer my question.
I’m asking if I MUST translate the app store listing or not, that is will google let me publish the app only with 1 store listing although it has 20 in app languages supported?
Hope I’m clear…

You don’t neccesarily have to. Google will let you publish it without translating the description. Though, someone correct me if I’m wrong, Google now automatically translates all descriptions with crappy Google translate. Only they don’t count for search results if you let them auto translate it.

I think users have to click the “translate” button that pops up first. Or has that been removed now?
It would make sense for Google to do it automatically either way as it broadens the app’s reach, which is good for both parties.