Do Admob and Google play store paid app earning payout together?

I have both free and paid version of my app published on playstore a week ago. The free version uses admob. Does anyone know can their earnings be merged and then paid out together? I mean can admob earning and the earning from selling paid app can be merged under a single account. So, when it’s time to get paid you get both the payments added up or do we have get paid out separately for both?

Admob pays on Net-21 basis…My IAP earnings I get on NET-15

Thanks, I just started publishing apps now so this will be the first pay out. I thought they paid on NET-30 basis. NET-21 and NET-15 sounds better. It would have been simple if the earning from both can be seen at one place and paid out together but separately is also fine.

In paid app your payment will come from google wallet merchant account where admob is separate division.