Disrespect me and I will do the same to you

As some of you have noticed there have been some battles in this forum of late between various developers. All the threads of information that I have posted range from choosing ad networks to marketing threads and experience. All this information I actually had to research before putting it together and I have had to edit to keep up with current events.
There has been 2 main people who have sought to derail threads and cause chaos. Ramzixp and PofSteve are 2 of the main guys who derail threads. Ramzixp actually is the worst one who will go completely off topic in most threads he jumps in and cause some type of controversy. Ramzixp is actually so sick he presses dislikes on most of my posts without any reason just to be a d!ck.
Now some users feel I am too harsh with my responses and I should be more professional. I am never going to let anyone disrespect me and get away with it. No I will not stand there and let someone attack me for no reason and not respond. I noticed most of this stems from jealously, some developers wish they thought of the threads I made 1st. Doesn’t matter hit me and I hit way harder.period.

This was a beyond stupid post. Nobody really cares. However from what I’ve seen ramzixp is an idiot.

lol I find it funny that this guy pixelpower can’t utilize the same time on the content of his forum. anyways pixel is at least not posting spam.

This whole post is spam. Why is this needed in a section for advertisement.

This is not a SPAM.
You can say it’s off-topic on this section, but It cannot be a spam…

I can understand his reaction. If you think someone is wrong, you can explain your way of view but personal attacks without argues are tiring…

As far I’m concerned… I barely notice the “dislike” notifications

Come on - be serious. Stop those children’s plays

This is spam

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NOW THAT IS SPAM… Thanks for free post and advertising woohoo.

Now time for me to make some serious cash cause forums are waste of time now, if new epic networks come out ill know about them cause word of mouth is best advertising around.

Advertising an app website wouldn’t be spam for a section dedicated to advertising networks, it is sort of related.

Going to a section that’s meant for insightful information on advertising networks and having someone talk about people disrespecting him is 100% spam, useless, nobody cares, and totally unrelated. There is no place for this on the forum and if there was nobody would care.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”The Friends of Voltaire