disable airpush dialog and overlay ads=half ecpm

hello guys,
after recently there are some airpush ads that mimic android system, i decided to disable their dialog afs and overlay ads in all of my app, this is drastically cut my earning by half due to the cpm goes down from the usual 0.50-0.60 to 0.30 just in a day, is this behaviour is normal?

what do you suggest? shoud i enable the dialog and overlay ads again? i just not ready yet to lose my gplay account due to these system ad like from airpush on their dialog and overlay ads.

need your advice he guys. thanks a lot.

disable for a while. if there is a way to check in a different app, check the ads everyday , and when you don’t see such ads, enable again. That would be my suggestion.

I hope they fix this soon.

I didn’t want to believe it… I was blaming it on other SDKs, but I seen these ads myself today and proceeded to disable them as well :confused: